Sealab is planned to be a top-down multiplayer base-builder where you construct and operate a research laboratory on the bottom of an alien ocean. In its current state it has an ECS, entity serialization, rendering system, ability to import models from blender, and basic player movement.

My Website

This website was my first serious attempt at creating a website from scratch. Feel free to look at, tinker with, or use my code.


Vela is a simple space game that really served as my expedition into using 3D space in OpenGL. Right now it doesn't do much except somewhat accurately portray the vast distance of space and orbital motion.


Gotalk is a VOIP platform that I developed with a friend. In its current state it supports full utf-8 encoded text chat and very rudimentary voice chat. It's client-server model, so you'll need to host your own server to use it.

RPN calculator

This was my first project with Java. I created a calculator using reverse polish notation, which is the same method handheld calculators use for parsing a calculation.

Apollo Station

My heavily developed fork of a 2D top-down space game called Space Station 13. I hosted a server using this fork for about two years, continually developing updates throughout.

Arduino Binary Clock

The code for an arduino binary clock that I made. Pretty simple, worked without a hitch.

No Space for Error

No Space for Error is my Ludum Dare 31 entry that I developed in 48 hours. In it, you're on the run from some space-baddies. Your spaceship is taking hits, and you have four tools that you use to keep your part of the ship from falling apart. You must keep the engine in working order while you wait for it to charge up to make your escape.